Ex-Ep. 3 - 2
General Information
Species Amalgem
Affiliations Trip
Status Alive
Relatives Trip (brother)
First Appearance Sneak Visit

Tracey is an Amalgem with the ability of clairvoyance.


Sneak Visit

Tracey and Trip were in a field on Earth, watching Alex backflipping out of near the top of a tree without getting hurt, with Tracey venting about how her power is compared to others.

They were then interrupted by an old woman, angry about Alex jumping out of the tree and how she should be going to a hospital. Tracey used her translator to speak English and said that she doesn't know what the old woman was talking about, only to get hit on the head with a walking stick. Before getting hit again, Trip jumped up and created a portal, sending the walking stick somewhere else. Tracey shouted to run away, hastily followed by Trip and Alex.

Tracey told Trip off for using his ability like that, but apologised after he said he'd rather get in trouble than see her get hit and Alex said to give him a break. Tracey used her clairvoyance to locate where the woman was before Trip created a portal back home. Alex shoved Tracey into the portal, sending her home.

Powers and Abilities

Ex-Ep. 3 - 6

Tracey using clairvoyance.

Tracey has the power of clairvoyance, which she used to locate the old woman who attacked her in Sneak Visit.