Species Scanner
Ep2 - 4
General Information
Type Scanner
First Appearance Human Knowledge
Status In Samantha's possession

The Species Scanner is a scanner that can determine a lifeform's species and tell information about the species.


The Species Scanner is similar in appear to a smartphone, having two buttons on the upper left of it and a yellow light on the top that is the scanner.


Pressing a button on the Species Scanner causes it to release a yellow beam of light, similar to a laser pointer. The light is shined on a lifeform, allowing the scanner to determine it's species and reveal information about it.

So far, Samantha has used it on her Anoterran Cats and herself.


According to Ellenseren, the Species Scanner can run out of battery.


Human KnowledgeEdit

Ellenseren gave Samantha a Species Scanner for her to use while on Earth. She tests it on her Anoterran Cats, who chased after the yellow light. She then used it on herself.


Notable UsersEdit