Ep3 - 1
General Information
Species Anoterran Cat
Residence Royal Family Residence, Anoterra
Affiliations Xenia
Status Alive
Relatives Xenia (owner)
Alternate Counterparts Shelee (Prototype Timeline)
First Appearance Uneasy Entry

Shelee is the Anoterran Cat pet of Xenia.


Uneasy Entry

Shelee was sitting on Xenia's shoulder as she asked Renprotag where Samantha and Ellenseren were, saying that if he didn't know, he'd be searching every planet in the universe. When he refused to say anything and called her young one, Xenia got annoyed with him, causing Shelee to hiss at him.

When Xenia left and got upset that no one trusts her because she hasn't laid her first egg for her maturation, Shelee comforted her by rubbing her head against Xenia's cheek. Xenia said that Shelee trusts hers, then goes on to say Samantha and her siblings do to, feeling better now. She then dashed off, thinking of someone who could find Samantha.