Mib Mib
Ob Mib
Ep2 - 4
General Information
Species Anoterran Cats
Residence Royal Family Residence, Anoterra (not currently)
Occupation Pets
Affiliations Samantha
Status Alive
Relatives Samantha (owner)
Alternate Counterparts Samantha's Anoterran Cats (Prototype Timeline)
First Appearance The Journey Begins

Ordep, Legna, Neb, Mib Mib and Ob Mib (known collectively as the five Anoterran Cats) are five Anoterran Cat pets belonging to Samantha.


The Journey Begins

The five Anoterran Cats follow Samantha onto the spaceship and looked at her and Ellenseren as the spaceship took off.

Human Knowledge

The five Anoterran Cats were either watching their owner, sleeping for cleaning themselves throughout the chapter. When Samantha first used the Species Scanner, they chased after the yellow dot of light it created, causing them to get scanned by it.

Uneasy Entry

The five Anoterran Cats were nuzzling Samantha to try and wake her up after they landed in the English Channel. They were later hesitant to jump onto the floating suitcases, but did so after some encouragement.