Royal Family Residence
The Journey Begins1
General Information
Location Anoterra
Inhabitants Ellenseren (not currently)
Samantha (not currently)
Samantha's Anoterran Cats (not currently)
First Appearance The Journey Begins

The Royal Family Residence is the residence of Samantha and her family.

Rooms / Areas

Girls Bedroom

The Journey Begins3

Girls Bedroom

The girls bedroom was mentioned in The Journey Begins and is where Samantha, Kaysaph and Xenia sleep.

Spaceship Area

The Journey Begins2

Spaceship Area

Outside is an area where Ellenseren's spaceship is kept. It has a spotlight for lighting at night.


One day prior to The Journey Begins

There was a break in in the girls bedroom. Kaysaph set off an alarm when she and Xenia saw the intruder near to Samantha.

The Journey Begins

Renprotag escorted Samantha, her Anoterran Cats and Ellenseren to the spaceship to see them off.

Notable Inhabitants

Notable Visitors