General Information
Species Aerialin
First Appearance Rebellious Kids

Rovkayah is the home planet of the Aerialins and Shkarks.

Appearance / Landscape

Rovkayah's Landscape

Rovkayah's landscape

Rovkayah is a rocky planet that has very little vegetation on it. Most of the planet is mountains and craters with a few, shallow oceans on it.

Rovkayah has many reactive and explosive ores within it's surface, that make explosions a regular thing to happen.

Buildings tend to be built on plateaus that have been thoroughly checked to ensure they won't explode or the buildings are able to fly above the dangerous surface themselves.

[[Rovkayah Spaceport|
Rovkayah Spaceport

Rovkayah Spaceport

Rovkayah Spaceport]] is built on a special surface to protect it from the explosions.

Locations on Rovkayah


Rovkayah was the main location of Rebellious Kids.

Notable Inhabitants