King Renprotag
Ep3 - 1
General Information
Species Oviphomo
Residence Royal Family Residence
Occupation King
Affiliations Ellenseren
Status Alive
Relatives Ellenseren (wife)
Samantha (daughter)
Kaysaph (niece)
Xenia (niece)
Alternate Counterparts Renprotag (Prototype Timeline)
First Appearance The Journey Begins

King Renprotag is an Oviphomo King who evacuated his wife and daughter to Earth to protect his daughter.


The Journey Begins

Renprotag excorted Samantha, her Anoterran Cats and Ellenseren to a spaceship to send them to Earth. He wanted to evacuate Samantha after a break in the previous night to protect her while he sorts out what happened and wanted Ellenseren to go and look after her.

Uneasy Entry

Xenia asked Renprotag where Samantha and Ellenseren were, saying that if he didn't know, he'd be searching every planet in the universe. When he refused to say anything and called her young one, Xenia got annoyed and Renprotag said he wasn't going to argue with her.