Pyrotricity Generation
General Information
Held by Charlotte Bricate's son
Director Feeown (replicated)
Ability to Generate pyrotricity
First Appearance The Battle to Birth

Pyrotricity Generation is an Amalgem ability that allows the user to generate pyrotricity.


Charlotte Bricate's son

Charlotte Bricate's son suffered a pre-birth manifestation and had no control over his pyrotricity, harming his mother and releasing bolts of pyrotricity out of her pubic area, causing minor damage to Passurle Hospital and managing to hit and knock out one of the doctors.

Once Director Feeown has replicated his ability, she absorbed his pyrotricity away from him and his mother.

Once he was born, he was given a dummy that kept his pyrotricity under control.

Director Feeown

Once she replicated Charlotte's son's Pyrotricity Generation, Director Feeown initally had trouble figuring out how to use it, but managed to absorb the pyrotricity away from Charlotte and her son. She was later seen being drained of it with medical equipment.

Notable Pyrotricity Generators