Nurse Ralop
General Information
Species Amalgem
Residence Amalgem
Occupation Nurse
Affiliations Nads Intrepid
Dr. Berra
Dr. Cosmides
Director Feeown
Status Alive
First Appearance The Battle to Birth

Nurse Ralop is an Amalgem nurse working for Passurle Hospital.

Powers and Abilities

As mentioned by herself, Nurse Ralop has the ability of Adaptive Breathing, which allows her to breathe pretty much anything.


The Battle to Birth

Nurse Ralop was present to help Dr. Intrepid, Dr. Berra and Dr. Cosmides when Charlotte Bricate was suffering due to her son having a pre-birth manifestation. Not being able to really help her, Dr. Intrepid sent Nurse Ralop to get ask Director Feeown for backup.

Nurse Ralop felt bad for how much pain Charlotte must be in, but was amazed at her and her baby's abilities, feeling that her's is nothing in comparison.

When Nurse Ralop reached Director Feeown, she asked for the backup, only to be told that backup was already coming from planet Santorim, due to the business of Passurle Hospital.

Director Feeown asked about what was wrong with Charlotte. Upon hearing that it was a pre-birth manifestation, Director Feeown became very adamant that she helped, and mentioned about how her sister was killed when her son had a pre-birth manifestation and that she wouldn't let another woman die the same way, much to Nurse Ralop's amazement. She then returned to the ward.

When Charlotte regained conciousness, Nurse Ralop gave Charlotte her new baby son.

Early Concept

Originally, Nurse Ralop was going to have the ability of Cryotricity Generation and that she would use it to counter Charlotte's son's Pyrotricity Generation. Her name is polar backwards in referance of this.


  • It is unknown what type of Amalgem Nurse Ralop is.