General Information
Species Aerialin
Residence House on Rovkayah (collapsed)
Status Unknown
Relatives Unnamed husband
Liftash (son)
Keahan (daughter)
Geelide (son)
First Appearance Rebellious Kids

Liftash and Keahan's mother is the mother of LiftashKeahan and Geelide.


Rebellious Kids

Liftash and Keahan's mother came into the room where Liftash and Keahan were making a lot of noise late at night. She grabbed them both by their sleeves to take them back to their rooms, with them kicking and screaming behind. After Liftash escaped, she chased after him, crashing into a table.

When Liftash, Keahan and Geelide escaped, she rushed out too since an alarm that a Shkark, intercepting one incoming. She was thrown off and caught by her husband, but then got tackled into the plateau with her house on it, causing it to collapse.