General Information
Species Aerialin
Residence House on Rovkayah (collapsed)
Age 10 (in 2012)
Affiliations Keahan
Status Alive
Relatives Unnamed mother
Unnamed father
Keahan (fraternal twin)
Geelide (younger brother)
First Appearance Rebellious Kids

Liftash is a young Aerialin who ran away from home.

Powers and Abilities

Like all Aerialins, Liftash has a pair of wings on his back that allow him to fly.

Liftash can use the claws on his fingers to cut through clothing.


Rebellious Kids

Liftash and Keahan were practicing their singing and dancing late at night until it's inturrupted by Keahan's karaoke machine flying into Liftash's and breaking them both. It's then made worse when their mother comes into the room, ordering them to go to bed.

Being dragged kicking and screaming, Liftash uses his claws to cut his sleeve off and grab the tickets from the master bedroom. When Geelide comes out of his room due to all the noise, Keahan does the same and urges Geelide to go with them.

The three Aerialins break out of the house, flying into the night, unaware of the alarm signalling Shkarks being nearby, only to be attacked by one. Their mother intercepted it, but got tackled into the plateau the house was on, causing it to collapse.

Liftash, Keahan and Geelide continued onto the Rovkayah Spaceport to catch a spaceship to Anoterra to go to the talent contest.


The name Liftash is a combination of lift and dash.