Ellenseren's Spaceship
The Journey Begins2
General Information
Type Spaceship
First Appearance The Journey Begins
Status Intact; recharging in the English Channel

Ellenseren's Spaceship is a spaceship used by Ellenseren to travel to Earth.


Ellenseren's spaceship is a blue, semi-flattened oval shaped spaceship that is barely the size of a large van.


The spaceship is able to fly from Anoterra to Earth in about a week.

The spaceship is able to navigate on water.

The spaceship can recharge using hydroenergy.


The Journey Begins

Samantha, her Anoterran Cats and Ellenseren boarded this spaceship to begin travelling to Earth.

Uneasy Entry

Ep3 - 3

Samantha and Ellenseren walking away from the spaceship.

After landing on Earth, Samantha, the five Anoterran Cats and Ellenseren left the ship and Ellenseren sent it out to recharge using hydroenergy in the sea.