Queen Ellenseren
General Information
Species Oviphomo
Residence Royal Family Residence, Anoterra (not currently)
Occupation Queen
Affiliations Samantha
Status Alive
Relatives Renprotag (husband)
Samantha (daughter)
Kaysaph (niece-in-law)
Xenia (niece-in-law)
Alternate Counterparts Ellenseren (Prototype Timeline)
Ellenseren (Prototype Crash Landing Timeline)
First Appearance The Journey Begins

Queen Ellenseren is an Oviphomo Queen who was evacuated to Earth by her husband to look after her daughter.


The Journey BeginsEdit

Ellenseren was escorted to her spaceship to go to Earth with Samantha by Renprotag. Renprotag wanted to evacuate Samantha to Earth after a break in the previous night to protect her while he sorts out what happened and wanted Ellenseren to go and look after her.

Human KnowledgeEdit

After being asked, Ellenseren told Samantha that they can't go to Kelljen because of how far away it is and because it's a popular planet, likely to be searched if they were indeed being hunted. She expressed surprise that Anoterran Cats were decended from Earth cats, thinking the cats were from a different planet.

After about a week, Ellenseren was feeling lethargic from being cooped in the spaceship, but told Samantha to get ready because they would be arriving in about an hour and gave her a Species Scanner to use on Earth.

Uneasy EntryEdit

Samantha and Ellenseren talked about Earth's Moon, suggesting there might be more on the other side of the planet. They flew into the atmosphere and into a dark cloud, blinding them. After flying out, Ellenseren swerved the spaceship away from crashing into England and landed upside down in the English Channel.

After regaining conciousness, Ellenseren was hanging by the seatbelt. She undid it and turned the spaceship up the right way up, guided it to the coast of south England. Once arrived, she left the spaceship with Samantha and the five Anoterran Cats, sent it into the sea to recharge and they started heading towards land.



  • The name Ellenseren was derived from Elsa, from Frozen.
  • Originally, Ellenseren's name was going to be Kirina. This name was instead used for another character in the prototype story.