Director Feeown
General Information
Species Amalgem Human
Residence Amalgem
Occupation Director of Passurle Hospital
Affiliations Nurse Ralop
Alias Director Feeown
Status Alive
Relatives Angela (deceased sister)
Unnamed nephew
First Appearance The Battle to Birth

Director Feeown is the Amalgem Human director of Passurle Hospital.

Powers and Abilities

Ability Replication

Director Feeown's natural ability is Ability Replication, which allows her to copy the ability of another Amalgem.

Director Feeown requires physical contact with another Amalgem to gain use of their ability.

Pyrotricity Generation

Director Feeown copied Pyrotricity Generation from Charlotte Bricate's son while he had no control over his ability during birth so she could use it to absorb all the pyrotricity into herself and away from the baby and Charlotte.

Director Feeown had some trouble figuring out how to absorb pyrotricity, but figured it out in time to help them.


The Battle to Birth

Director Feeown was interrupted by Nurse Ralop, who passed on the message that Dr. Intrepid requests backup, to which Director Feeown says some is already on the way from planet Santorim due to the busy day, then procceds to ask what is wrong with the patient. After hearing that Charlotte Bricate is suffering due to her baby having a pre-birth manifestation, Director Feeown became rather adamant that she helps.

Director Feeown mentioned how her sister was killed in childbirth due to her son having a pre-birth manifestation too and is not willing to let another woman die that way.

Director Feeown came into the ward in scrubs, but no gloves, ordering the doctors to let her handle it. She boldly took the baby's hand and used her Ability Replication to gain use of his Pyrotricity Generation, despite being burned by the pyrotricity. Director Feeown struggled to figure out how to use the ability, but managed to absorb the pyrotricity away from the baby. The rest of the doctors then began treatment.

Director Feeown was last seen in a hospital bed next to Charlotte, having the pyrotricity drained away from her.