Charlotte Bricate
General Information
Species Amalgem Human
Residence Amalgem
Age 24
Status Alive
Relatives Unnamed son
First Appearance The Battle to Birth

Charlotte Bricate is an Amalgem Human that can generate cryotricity.

Powers and Abilities

Charlotte has the ability of Cryotricity Generation, allowing her to generate cryotricity.

Charlotte used her cryotricity to stop her son's pyrotricity from harming her, but eventually lost conciousness.


The Battle to Birth

Charlotte was being rushed to Passurle Hospital by Remed when she was suffering due to her unborn son having a pre-birth manifestation. She was using her cryotricity to counter his pyrotricity, but she eventually lost conciousness. When her life was becoming threatened, Director Feeown stepped in and copied her son's Pyrotricity Generation and managed to absorb the pyrotricity away from Charlotte and her son, allowing Charlotte to be treated.

When Charlotte regained conciousness, Nurse Ralop introduced her to her new son.


  • Charlotte's blood type is P-.