Ep2 - 2
General Information
Home World Earth
Anoterra (immigrants; evolved into Anoterran Cats)
Intelligence Level Unintelligent
Related Species Anoterran Cat
First Appearance Human Knowledge (pictures only)

Cats (short for Felis Catus) are a non-sapient species from the planet Earth.


Thousands of years ago, several cats were introduced to Anoterra to be kept by Oviphomos as pets and to help with pests. At first, they inhabited Dingian Polt exclusively, but were introduced to other countries quickly.

Ep2 - 3

Several cats on Anoterra

However, over the next few years, several of the cats escaped and became strays. The stray cats bred at an unbelievable rate, expanding the population of wild cats to a huge number and the Oviphomos couldn't keep up, with Dingian Polt becoming overrun with wild cats, which started changing in behaviour, becoming aggressive to Oviphomos.

Once the first death of an Oviphomo due to the cats was recorded, the Oviphomos attempted to get the wild cats under control. This ended badly as the cats kept breeding, growing in numbers and many more Oviphomos were killed by them.

The King of Dingian Polt formally decided to give up trying to get the cats under control and ordered all inhabitants to abandon Dingian Polt and take measures to ensure that it doesn't repeat in other countries.

Over the new few thousand years, the cats on Anoterra evolved into modern Anoterran Cats.

Human Knowledge

Samantha researched about cats on her laptop.

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