Amalgem Human
Amalgem Oviphomo
Amalgem Aerialin
General Information
Home World Amalgem
Intelligence Level Sapient
Related Species Human (Amalgem Human)
Oviphomo (Amalgem Oviphomo)
Aerialin (Amalgem Aerialin)
First Mention Human Knowledge (main story)
First Appearance The Battle to Birth (extra chapters)

Amalgem Humans, Amalgem Oviphomos and Amalgem Aerialins (collective term: Amalgems) are three artifical sub-species of humans, Oviphomos and Aerialins respectively.


Amalgems look identical to their normal counterparts.

Thanks to their experimentations, Amalgems produce an energy called abilergy, which allows them to use their unique abilities.

According to a paramedic in The Battle to Birth, Charlotte Bricate's blood type is P-, revealing that Amalgem Humans have different blood types than humans.

As shown with Tracey, Trip and Alex, Amalgems can have eye colours that normal humans can't, including purple and pink.


Amalgem Humans reproduce the same way as humans.

Powers and Abilities

Due to their experimentation, Amalgems can create abilergy that allows them to use their ability.

List of Known Abilities


Without abilergy, the Amalgem is unable use their power.


Thousands of years ago, many humans, Oviphomos and Aerialins were abducted from their respective home planets of Earth, Anoterra and Rovkayah. The captors were highly intelligent scientists, deciding that these three races would be the most suitable for what they intend to create: humans, Oviphomos and Aerialins with unique abilities, able to do many things most beings in the universe could only dream of doing. They intended to sell them on the intergalactic black market or using them themselves.

These humans, Oviphomos and Aerialins were exposed to extreme suffering from the experiments and testings, being treated with little to no respect and forced through invasive surgeries and drugs, along with forced breeding. They were nothing more than lab rats, many of them being executed if the captors deemed them unusable and many others being killed by the experimentation. Over time, the experiments proved successful, creating thousands of superpowered humans, Oviphomos and Aerialins. However, the Aerialins were much smaller in numbers.

The plans were put to an abrupt end when the captors were caught by intergalactic law enforcers and arrested for illegal planetary trespass, kidnapping and mistreatment of life. These superpowered beings were unsuitable to be returned to their natural home planets, so they were sent to the planet Amalgem, which earned them the names “Amalgem Human”, “Amalgem Oviphomo” and “Amalgem Aerialin”, or just “Amalgems” as a collective noun.

Notable Amalgems

Amalgem Humans

Unclear Amalgems

Related Species

  • Human (Amalgem Humans' origin)
  • Oviphomo (Amalgem Oviphomos' origin)
  • Aerialin (Amalgem Aerialins' origin)