Ability Replication
General Information
Held by Director Feeown
Ability to Copy the ability of another Amalgem
First Appearance The Battle to Birth

Ability Replication is an Amalgem ability that allows the user to copy the ability of another Amalgem.


Through physical contact, the user is able to absorb abilergy from another Amalgem, allowing them to be able to use their ability.


While the user gains full use of another ability, they have to learn / figure out how to use it.


The Battle to Birth

Director Feeown used Ability Replication to copy Charlotte Bricate's son's Pyrotricity Generation by taking light grip of his hand in her hands, gently stroking it in her fingers and a faint yellow glow started moving from the baby's hand onto Director Feeown's hand, allowing her to gain use of Pyrotricity Generation.

Notable Ability Replicators


  • Ability Replication has only been seen used by an Amalgem Human.